Five years ago, during an entertaining talk with a good friend of mine who tends to sprout gold from her mouth, I thought.. I should be writing this down. And so I did. I pressed the new note icon on my phone and started the ever-growing list I create today of quotes from the every day, from people I encounter every day. I’ve finally decided that these need to be shared and in a sense passed back to the people that unknowingly uttered these memorable words. This blog is a start. I’ll be posting quotes, either anonymously or with the person’s initial(s), from my archive collection every week and hopefully you too will gain some joy and inspiration from them and perhaps even relate in some way.┬áBecause sometimes the most beautiful, poetic, relatable, wise, humane, thought-provoking, insane, hilarious and wonderfully random words are those spoken right in front of you. You just have to be willing enough to listen, appreciate and maybe even learn from them.

You can also read the quotes on my ig ­čÖé